The Kyrgyz society of Cardiologists – a new member of the ESC

The Kyrgyz society of Cardiologists (KSC) was established to provide scientific, methodical and practical help to the medical institutions of Public Health of Kyrgyzstan concerning cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and to assist in putting into practice the achievements of medical science and technique in the field of cardiology and related disciplines.

Kyrgyzstan is the state which has once been a part of the former USSR, it borders on China on the East, its population is 5 million 687,8 thousand people according to the data given on April 1, 2013, out of this number elderly people constitute 6,6%.

In accordance with statistical data, the leading factors causing mortality, morbidity and disability in Kyrgyzstan are noninfectious diseases moreover, in the structure of total mortality rate of the population of the country, CVD keep the first place, making up the half (50,1% in 2011) of all yearly lethal cases.

In 2013 during the work of the European Congress of Cardiologists, KSC became a member of the ESC.